The Weave

The Weave is Faerun’s source of magic. In Aerth, magic is naturally occurring, but the underlying “structure” of magic lends itself to a similar construct. The Aerth weave manifests itself in many of the same ways as that of Faerun, but with a few key differences.

Spellfire is the raw form of the Weave, manifested in its purest form. In Aerth, Spellfire is a raw material that can be harnessed and shaped. It is most commonly manipulated by Artificers and those with the Spellfire Mastery feat. Spellfire is not innately arcane nor divine, and unique items have been crafted in an effort to harness this raw, natural energy source. Any spellcaster can utilize raw Spellfire (if they can find a way to harness it safely) to power their magic in one of three ways.

  • First, a spontaneous caster with access to Spellfire can use Spellfire rather than expend a spell slot. The caster must have sufficient Spellfire to power the entire spell. Doing so requires a Fortitude save DC = 10 + Spell Level. Failure results in the caster becoming fatigued due to the strain. Channeling Spellfire while fatigued causes the caster to become exhausted and the caster cannot channel Spellfire for any purpose until they have slept. Otherwise, a caster may use up to their caster level in Spellfire each day.
  • Second, a caster who prepares their spells can utilize Spellfire to cast a spell without exhausting the spell from memory. Doing so is difficult, and the caster takes 1 point of damage per level of the spell cast in this way. A caster is limited to only being able to use as many levels of Spellfire in a day as their BASE caster level. Abilities that increase caster level for specific spell types do not affect this limit. Casters who have more than one caster level are limited to their highest caster level worth of Spellfire.
  • Finally, Spellfire can be used to apply the effects of a metamagic feat without raising the spell level of the spell being cast. Doing so requires 2 points of Spellfire for every level the spell would normally be raised. This goes against the limitation on how many levels of Spellfire a caster can use each day. For metamagic feats that do not raise the spell level (such as Energy Substitution), 1 point of Spellfire is required. A spell cast this way may not be channeled using Spellfire, and casting a spell this way becomes a full round action. Only spells that have a casting time of 1 standard action or less may benefit from this use of Spellfire.

Spellfire and Dragonshards
Dragonshards can be used to create Spellfire receptacles. To do so, the creator must have the Craft Wondrous Item feat and either be an Artificer or have the Spellfire Wielder feat. A Spellfire Shard can hold a number of Spellfire levels based on its value, and can be used as a Rod of Absorption to recharge the Spellfire levels. Unlike a standard Rod of Absorption, however, overcharging a Spellfire Shard causes it to overload, releasing all of its stored energy in 1d4-1 rounds. When overloaded, treat it as having absorbed 1 more level than it had available when determining how much of the spell remains to affect its targets. A shard that overloads in 0 rounds does so immediately, discharging in a 5’ radius for the damage shown below. A user with the Spellfire Wielder feat or levels in Artificer knows the amount of time until detonation. There is no other way of determining how long until the shard detonates.

Spellfire Shards
Capacity // Cost // Overload
1 // 25gp // 1d6+1
3 // 375gp // 3d6+5
5 // 1125gp // 5d6+9
7 // 2275gp // 7d6+13
9 // 3825gp // 9d6+17

The Weave

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