The Crystal Spire

The Crystal Spire

The Crystal Spire is the home of the most powerful psionic individuals in the world. Ruled over by the Crystal Council, the Spire is a peaceful commune where psionicly talented come to learn and master their abilities. While they are a generally private group, sustaining themselves in the middle of the desert through their own mystical abilities, they are known to trade with the rest of the world, generally trading services and crafted items for raw gems. Among the residents, there are a few notable “groups”.

The Crystal Council
The Council is the ruling body of the Spire. They handle the day to day functions of a “government”, though in a city so interconnected mentally, they serve as little more than a figurehead within the community and a face to outsiders. Their consensus is law, and they function as the central justice for the Spire, as well as overseeing operations and considering the applications of those who wish to join them.

The Talented
The Talented are all psionically gifted individuals living within the Spire. Whether pursuing the psionic arts (as a psionic class), or simply naturally gifted (as a psionic race or individual with the Wild Talent feat), any individual with a power point pool of at least 1 is considered Talented. New members are only considered if they are already talented, and only talented members of the community have the right to vote in political decisions (done through a massive sharing of minds, where the dominant opinion is the winning vote).

-The Normals_
Normals, or non-psionic individuals living within the Spire are rare, but not unheard of. Some are children, parents or spouses of a Talented individual, others are craftsmen or instructors whose specialty and skill is prized above their “mental status”. No matter the reason, they are welcomed and treated well, but have no political rights. Most have a Talented “Advocate” who expresses their opinion for them, but this is not always the case.

The Amber Watch
The Amber Watch is a group of psychic “police” whose specialty is tracking criminals with a psionic talent. While crime is rare within the Spire, it is not unheard of, and therefore necessitates a certain amount of policing.

The P5
P5 refers to a level of psychic talent, generally classified as a rank 5 psychic. These are the “commercial” psychics who seek outside contracts. Most are telepaths, though others may follow the Psychometabolism or Psychoportation schools. They work on a contracted basis, sending a portion of their earnings back to the Spire.

Two races, not native to the world, are found only in the Spire. The first is the Elan. Elan are created when a creature of great psionic potential is “reborn” into a psionically crafted body. The ritual allowing the mind to transcend into a new body is known only to a select few, and they are all members of the Crystal Council. All Elans begin their life as an Elan in the Spire.
Kalashtar are another race “created” in the Spire. In this case, a young Talented is given the opportunity to reach out mentally into the Astral Sea to gain enlightenment. For most, this results in the expansion of their knowledge, but for a select few, a member of the Quiori bonds with the exploring mind, and accompanies it back to its body. After a period of adjustment, they awaken into their new state. Kalashtar are considered honored among the Talented, and most end up in positions of great influence and power within the community.

The Crystal Spire

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