The Burning Hand

The Burning Hand is a martial school located in the Northeast Desert. They teach primarily combat styles related to speed and stealth. Among their specialties are the following exclusive fighting styles:

Scorpion’s Sting
Burning Hand
Black Flame
The Frozen Hourglass

Primary students of this school are – Monks, Swordsages, Barbarians, Psychic Warriors, Soulknives.

  • Scorpion’s Sting is a combat style favoring the spiked chain and poison use. It incorporates both direct assault combat and the lost style of the Xen’drik Drow.
  • Burning hand is a style combing Desert Wind and Shadow Hand martial styles.
  • Black Flame refers to both the Black Flame Zealot combat style, as well as a combination of Desert Wind and Shadow Hand.
  • Firewalk is a combat style emphasizing Desert Wind and unarmed combat. It is often pursued by monk/swordsages.
  • The Frozen Hourglass emphasizes speed and chronomancy (often through psionic talents) and is a favored by Zerth Cenobites.

The Burning Hand

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