Staff of the Wanderer

The Staff of the Wanderer is the type of item that everyone says they know a person who knew a person who met a person who had it. Unlike most powerful artifacts, the Staff of the Wanderer refuses to stay lost in a forgotten treasure. It is a dear friend and companion to its wielder, making the road a little less weary and the days a little bit brighter.

The Staff has a few minor abilities, and a few more powerful ones that manifest only for those who carry it long into their lives. Retirement is not for the staff though, and when its wielder finally settles down, they experience an almost overwhelming urge to pass the staff along.

In its bonded state, the staff grants its owner the ability to Endure Elements. Additionally, it grants a bonus on all checks to avoid fatigue equal to 1/2 the HD of the wielder. Defensively, the staff is capable of defending its wielder, functioning as a quarterstaff, spear, longspear or scythe, as needed. In any of these forms, the wielder is considered proficient with the staff. The same intuitive powers that teach the wielder which way to hold the staff to activate the weapon forms guides their hands while using it. In any of these forms, the staff functions as a masterwork weapon. While it does not carry an enhancement bonus, it does overcome damage reduction as a magical weapon.

Once the wielder has truly bonded with the staff, a process that takes a month of traveling, additional powers begin to manifest. These powers are dependent on the level of the wielder.

Omen: Once bonded, the staff feels warm and comfortable to the touch. No matter the weather, the smell of a warm spring breeze seems to emanate from the staff.
Level 5 – The staff produces a Feather Fall effect if the wielder ever falls more than 5’.
Level 6 – The staff makes journeys easier by being able to transform into a light horse, complete with bit, bridle and saddle. In this form, no other abilities function other than Endure Elements.
Level 7 – At will, the staff can produce a number of light effects, including Dancing Lights, Flare and Light. It can also be struck against a hard surface to function as flint and tinder.

Staff of the Wanderer

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