Unlike most legacy items, there are 24 identical Duskblades, just as there are 24 identical Bowcasters. They were forged in the earliest days of the elven empires, and wielded by an elite group of warrior wizards. Each one is designed to aid it wielder in the defense of their ancient homeland, and is expected to be carried by those who combine the arcane and martial skills. When the orcish hordes finally came to the elven capital, they were held back at the gates of the palace by the elite skills of the Duskblades and the Arcane Archers on the walls. Their weapons sustained them through the long battle, and not a single warrior fell to the onslaught of over a thousand orcs. Their blades have been honored for eons, passed down only to the most deserving of elven warriors, whose skill at arms was matched only by their skills in magic. As each new wielder passes, they return their blade to the Tower of the Moon, to be passed along to the next honored wielder. In over 7000 years, only 4 of the original blades has been lost, and to return one would mean the eternal gratitude of the elven empire.

Base item: +1 Longsword

Wielder Requirements:
-Must be an elf (or half-elf)
-Must have a BAB of +3
-Must be capable of casting at least 2nd level arcane spells.

Use table 4-8 for legacy costs.

Omen When drawn, it glows with light equivalent to a candle. In darkness, this is sufficient for low-light vision to function. In bright light, it seems to slightly dim the light around it, bringing the surrounding light down to almost twilight within a few inches of the blade.

Level 5 – Creature Compass (Orc)
Level 7 – Cure Moderate Wounds, Self
Level 10 – Empower Spell, Lesser

Level 11 – Cunning
Level 13 – Weapon Enhancement (+2, Flaming Longsword)
Level 16 – Blur

Level 17 – Ability Enhancement: Intelligence enhancement bonus of 6
Level 18 – Weapon Enhancement (+3, Flaming Burst Longsword)
Level 20 – Heal Self, Swift


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