Character Creation

The currently active campaign is beginning at level: 6

Making your character:

Stats: All characters use the following base stat array
Adjust for racial bonuses and level dependent.

Why this array? First, everybody gets an 18! Second, while dice rolling is fun, Adjudicating it online is very difficult. This way everybody has sufficient stats to build the character of their choosing without any one character overshadowing anybody else due to lucky rolls.

Any race published in the hardbound WotC source books is available, with the only restriction being no races with a level adjustment of +1 or greater. Any non-standard race must talk with me for special background notes. Members of most of the standard races can be found in the general populace, so that’s less of an issue. Understand that your choice of race may impact story and RP issues, as not all races are treated equally in all parts of the world.

As with races, use any standard class from any of the WotC books. Certain classes have background restrictions that you’ll want to talk to me about. A few in particular to note:

  • Barbarian – Not every race embraces this lifestyle. Humans, Elves and Dwarves all have at least one barbaric group among them, as do Orcs (and by association, Half-Orcs). If you choose this class with another race, let me know so we can make it work.
  • Paladin – Paladins exist using variants for ANY Lawful alignment. That said, not every deity has Paladins, so ask before you choose. Paladins of Tyranny and Paladins of Justice are common to their respective religious organizations, but less common in the common knowledge.
  • Monk – Monk disciplines vary from race to race and monastery to monastery. Standard monks are available to almost all races, but monk comes with special background requirements.
  • Psion – Available, talk to me about your background. Most come from a specific region.
  • Wilder – Unlike Psion, no background requirements.
  • Wizard, Warmage, Artificer – These all carry special background and character creation rules. Talk to me if you’re considering any of them.
  • Sorcerer – Some notes, no restrictions.
  • Ninja – Background notes required, talk to me.

Prestige Classes:
I am fairly lenient on Prestige Class selection. That said, I prefer to have an idea of where your character is headed so that I can be sure to address any “Special” requirements of the class. Certain organizations don’t exist, others are called something else. If the class references a certain group, ask if something equivalent is available. Most are available with little to no mechanical changes.

Starting gold for a level 6 character. Assuming your character has been adventuring for a time, all characters may spend up to 90% of their allotment of starting wealth, with no single item costing more than 25% of their wealth. The remaining 10% belongs to me to assign a signature item. All characters will have one. If you have a preference, tell me during character creation. If not, I will assign it. This is an item I expect you to carry with you for your entire career, so I encourage it to be a core item in your character’s design. A Wizard’s Staff or a family heirloom blade are perfect options. Understand that these items will be designed by me and will have a number of non-standard abilities, most of which you will discover only as they are activated. This often means that the party is sitting on a small pile of artifact grade items without knowing their true power until the items fully awaken. Understand also, that while these items are “plot items”, that doesn’t make them invincible. Every hero sees their treasured blade break or have their ancestral armor stripped from them if needed. But remember also that these items are generally returned to them, reforged from the pieces, or otherwise brought back. I expect you to treat these items with a certain amount of reverence.

Character Creation

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